Solutio Digital in England !

SOLUTIO DIGITAL version 9 available

On 11.01.2011 new Version 9 of SOLUTIO DIGITAL was released on 11.01.2011

2012-08-28 10-01-19

Below we prepared short list of the major functional enhancements and innovations:

  1. Management Module implemented:
    1. system for caching data that does not require connection to the SOLUTIO server was implemented. The main aspect of this enhancement is to significantly reduce application response time to user actions. Buffering is primarily used in filtering functions. This procedure allows to n-times accelerate application response to filtering data
    2. function to export data in a form of report (XLS, CSV, PDF, RTF)
    3. new display features in the Navigation window
    4. function of displaying physical file icons
    5. color indicators defined as a result of access rights to the item
    6. function to identify the cursor position in the list of items
    7. feature of filtering items in a list view by type
    8. auto-refresh window with the changed data
    9. change management (structural changes in product construction)
    10. the possibility of opening a physical document through context menu
  2. Update the module "Tools"
    1. Reorganization and redefinition of the access rights to functionality
    2. Changes in module layout
    3. Implementation of editing prices for authorized users
  3. ERP Module Updates:Update the module "Resources" - a function to review employee performance
    1. The function of defining personal employee performance
    2. Streamline the work records
    3. Extending opportunities of client configuration in module of ERP
    4. Changing the way of defining the production capacity of machinery through the calendar
    5. Implementation of the ability to read barcodes through terminals
  4. Update the module "Resources" - a function to review employee performance
  5. Update the module "Orders" - the definition of the desired mode of registration for the module of ERP
  6. Update the module "Desktop"“Magazine” - Implementing the ability to search documents for approved warehouse jobs
    1. Introducing the functionality of defining columns displayed on desktop
    2. The possibility of recording labor in the calendar for the item “Bid”
  7. “Magazine” - Implementing the ability to search documents for approved warehouse jobs
  8. SOLUTIO HELP - new version of the SOLUTIO Help