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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

The area of the module is based on the concept on perfect knowledge of customers and their needs, and by that adapting and adjust both products and organization's activities to the client requirements.

The CRM module supports marketing processes and management of internal and external communication with clients in connection with related documents.

To the basic benefits can be applied:

    • identification of real marketing processes in the organization;
    • reduce operating costs by cleaning your ongoing processes;
    • streamlining business processes by implementation of comprehensive system which keep order in processes and processes course;
    • increase the sale operations efficiency by better understanding of customer needs which leads to preparing better offers for clients and increasing the company's credibility as a supplier of high quality products and services;
    • rapid access to business information (offers, customer relations, billing, products data etc.) allows to faster reply to clients needs;
    • increase the competitiveness of the company through a focus on customer needs;
    • increase the effectiveness of clients service process;
    • monitor progress on the most important tasks of marketing, commercials and manufacturing;
    • improve internal communication between salesmen;
    • improving communication with contractors;
    • allow to create information register about competitors and customers with various specified.