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Engineering extensions


Product Data Management - features:


  • Allow to create and manage documentation for existing and new prototype products, technical documentation versioning and changes tracking;
  • Support for the collaborative work in creating product documentation;
  • Allow to integrate with CAD, CAE and CAM software to support technical documentation creation;
  • Provide cooperation with various text editor, spreadsheets, presentations documents (Microsoft Office suite or open source software - Open Office);

  • Allow working with graphics applications (Corel Draw, Paint Shop, various visual browsers);
  • Allow cooperation with other types of documents / files (PDF, RAR, ZIP ...);
  • Allow administering documents state:Provide standardized Documents - you can use the documents defined in the system at the enterprise, department, faculty level;
    • New Documents;
    • Documents prepared;
    • Documents for approval;
    • Documents approved;
  • Give access to documents from anywhere via Internet connection with maintained security protocols;
  • Give access to product documentation for service technicians in various locations around the country and world;
  • Allow to create and support a product design and technology as a requirements of production (for integration with ERP);
  • Allow to create a hierarchical tree structure representing a product (part by part) - breakdown on purchased and manufactured parts, assemblies of parts and product BOM structures;
  • Allow to create a separate processing and installation technologies for parts, assemblies, products;
  • Support technical document management by linking each element of the product with appropriate CAD/CAE/CAM file;
  • Support in creating manufacturing procedures, performance standards, material standards and base material;
  • Allow to integrate with the ERP system and start production on the basis of data collected in designed product project.