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Other modules

Registry module

Registry module used to convert traditional post document to E-document and by that support, This module divide cycling correspondence on three types: internal, incoming and outgoing. The user can create or receive each types of correspondence and allocate it to chosen people. Registry may provide a second type of document circulation which allow to create documents and send them to the appropriate department or person in the company. Such a document can be assigned to the realization, assessment or to provide comments. SOLUTIO DIGITAL allows to supervise documentation through history of assignment, observations made by the persons involved in document cycle or comments of people who are familiar with the matter. Registry provide also document recording at the stage of the creation and final approval. All outgoing, incoming and internal documents are archived and stored sequentially in a hierarchical structure by days of the year which indicate the documents creation date.

Resources module

Resources module allows you to create hierarchical structure which represent company organization detailed on teams, departments, faculties and people who are responsible for these structures (directors, executives, managers, masters). The corresponding structures can contain representation of employees defined in system and by that they can attend in organization e-processes.

Resources module allows to collect and keep information about the user. Provide also functionality to create template documents and workflows assigned to specific company departments or persons(their exclusive usability).

Resources module have strong integration with Registry module and provide "send" and "receive" box for documents passed by "Registry" correspondence flow.