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PDM – Product Data Management

PDM module can be divided into 3 main functionalities:

  • Company Documentation Management;
  • Company Product Documentation Management (PDM);
  • Design product and production technology as requirement for production (integration with ERP);


    SOLUTIO DIGITAL solutions allow to manage electronic workflow in the enterprise. This solutions provide a clear and easy to use information database with electronic documents. Built-in mechanisms responsible for the archiving and versioning of documents prevent losing your work effects. It also simplify tasks of preparing backups of all the documents across the enterprise.


    Main functionalities:

    • Creating and hierarchical placement of documents in the application;
    • Cooperation with various text editors, spreadsheets, presentations documents (Microsoft Office suite and others);
    • Working with graphics applications (Corel Draw, Paint Shop, various graphical browsers);
    • Cooperation with other types of documents / files (PDF, RAR, ZIP, ...);
    • Administering versions of the document (creating a new version, creating a new version by selecting pre-existing, edit version, new version by changing the document editor);
    • Sharing and managing documents right on different project-levels;
    • Managing and changing documents states:
      • New document;
      • Document in preparation;
      • Document in approval;
      • Document approved;
    • Model documents you can use the documents defined in the system model at company level, department, faculty.