All the Features - in One Complete System!


The most important element of documentation management system is documents workflow functionality and the ability to control the cycle. In the SOLUTIO DIGITAL workflow functionality is included and tightly integrated with the PDM and other modules.

Description of the functionality:

  • Allows for sequential flow of documents;
  • You can use template Workflows (defined at the enterprise, department, faculty, staff level);
  • Every user can design his own workflows with the assignment of the activity, the choice of the co-workers responsible for the task, task scope, time to complete the task, additional description for the task;
  • Allow selection of the activity associated with the document:Workflow notification are are presented on a user's SOLUTIO DIGITAL desktop;
    • Realization - a document is ready to edit by the person assigned in node;
    • Notice - a document sent to acquire an opinion, it is not editable;
    • Approval - the document submitted for approval;
  • Functionality to send workflow notifications to employee e-mail account;
  • Possibility of withdrawing the course of work to the selected node with included comments;
  • The possibility of task delegation during a running workflow.