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PLM systems

Currently, on the software market directed for companies more often appear concept of "PLM" class system. What is this system and what features have? – Let's look at the definition.


PLM - What is it?

Product Lifecycle Management Systems, support businesses in the process of product development, from idea through design and production. PLM systems provide comprehensive functionality associated with product development, product portfolio management, manufacturing process management, creation of concept and design (Product Data Management - PDM), as well as managing and testing products to comply with legal requirements.

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Many companies now focuses on the development by reducing operating expenses by implementing advanced ERP systems. It's not the wrong way, but often organic growth is overlooked. By this term is meant:
  • to increase the range of products and services;
  • to support and facilitate the implementation of these processes are which are directly responsible for the money creation.

PLM system allows you to:

  • increase the efficiency of employees at the stage product/services development;
  • managing information related to product market – demand/client;
  • creating and managing product portfolio;
  • safety management and standards within the quality management system ISO;
  • supervision and management project documentation;
  • engineering data management (construction and technology data necessary for the production process);
  • improving the information flow to realize basic business processes;
  • support for collaboration and information management at the company level rather than individual level;
  • improve the business and marketing strategies in sales management and product portfolio.