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What is Solutio Digital

Danmar Computers products portfolio contains excellent tool for information management. Mentioned product is the "SOLUTIO DIGITAL" - (Information System  PLM - Product Lifecycle Management). Along with solutions aimed at developing and optimizing of existing business processes, we offer consulting and advisory services in area of choosing and implementing most suited solutions.



What is the SOLUTIO DIGITAL system, and what features have?



  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL is an information system for managing business process in organization. Under this concept SOLUTIO provide tools for improving the management of already existing processes through the use of new information distribution channels (e-information) as well as new processes modeling which result in expanding core business;

  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL supports the decision-making processes, allows you to analyze and improve processes within the organization and in areas of B2B, B2C;

  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL allows you to streamline the processes of creating design/technology and overall Product Documentation Management (PDM).The advanced engineering module allows for quick data preparation for real production process;

  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL integrates with CAD CAM CAE software especially Solid Works, Solid Edge, Inventor, AutoCAD environment, to fully exploit the potential of manufacturing companies;

  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL allows you to manage contacts with customers. Applying philosophy of collecting information on the regular contact and customer satisfaction is key in running any organization;

  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL optimizes the processes of tenders and sales. Facilitates and provides information management about quantities, scope and subject (product). Allows easy reporting and reviewing data on sales and product portfolio;

  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL allows you to change the work organization and better use of staff time;

  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL provides functionalities for human resources usage planning within company/projects/tasks;

  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL introduces electronic, controlled, circulation of electronic documents. Channel for access and information exchange is Internet. Modern and manageable security systems are guarding against unauthorized access;

  • SOLUTIO DIGITAL is a modular system so it's biggest advantage is the possibility of parameterization and adaptation to the needs of our customers.

Cost optimization, production time cycle reduction, quick access to information and optimal production and sales processes management, those are areas which each organization has to meet. Innovative solutions offered by Danmar Computers will help in achieving these goals. Our experience will allow to select most suitable methods and to develop a business concept that will realize the scope of the set tasks. Our solutions will naturally complement the systems which already operate in your company and also provide new functionality.